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Club and Society Funding: Explained


Every DCAC Affiliated Club or Society is eligible to receive funding from two sources, depending on the type of spending:

  1. The Annual Consumable Grant (ACG): to cover the usual running costs of the club/society, not intended for expenditure of lasting material value
  2. The Depreciation Fund: a communal fund used to fund club/society kit and equipment purchases

Spending Regulations

Annual Consumable Grant

  • More than one member of the club/society directly benefits from the spending.
  • Spending is for an item with no significant lasting material effect i.e. consumable within the financial year.
  • Spending must be approved by the authorised holder of the budget, typically the captain or the president of the club/society.
  • Sports teams may only spend on sports-related expenses (no socials).
  • Academic societies may be reimbursed fully for events that meet the aims and objectives of the society, this can include Speaker expenses. DCAC money should not be spent on purely social events by academic societies. These societies may obtain money for such events through different methods such as other college funds.
  • ACG funding can be used to cover the cost of reasonable refreshment which can include food and drink but does not include the subsidy of dinners. Such funding will be provided at the DCAC's discretion and must be approved by the DCAC committee at least 2 weeks before the event.
  • Alcoholic refreshments must be cleared with the Junior Treasurer at least 2 weeks in advance. This requirement is because the sources of income for the DCAC may not be used for alcohol and the Senior Treasurer must ensure a suitable alternative. Alcohol served at academic society events must be bought from and served by college to avoid unnecessary opening of bottles. Any unopened leftovers must be returned to the DCAC and made available for future DCAC events. Alcohol must be served with some snacks or food.
  • Abuse of this funding will lead to a discontinuation for the society in question.

Depreciation Fund

  • The expenditure should be for club kit and equipment that has a lifetime of more than one year, and therefore has a lasting benefit and effect on the club/society.
  • The expenditure should be less frequent than annual, representing the fact that it is a substantial/significant cost that is only incurred over a period greater than the ACG provides for.
  • In extraordinary circumstances, the DCAC committee may approve expenditure from this fund that was not factored into the budget - in this case, please contact the JCR treasurer ( any purchases are made.

How to Apply for Funding

  • At the end of each academic year, the JCR Treasurer will email the President/Captain of each (affiliated) society/club to remind them to apply for a grant by submitting an ACG Application Form.
  • Each society/club must also complete the College Societies Annual Registration (CSAR) formPlease sign in with your College/Distro credentials (
  • Any society which does not apply for a grant by the deadline specified by the JCR Treasurer, or that has not completed the CSAR, will receive no funding that year.
  • Academic societies are not permitted to charge an annual subscription fee and, therefore, events should be hosted within the financial constraints of DCAC funding combined with any donations and industry sponsorship, where appropriate.

How to Claim Money

Before Spending

  • Ensure that your spending is within allocation (aligning with the amount allocated in the budget.) If extra funds are required beyond those allocated to the club/society, the JCR Treasurer should be contacted with a request before any purchases are made. Money spent before permission is given will not be reimbursed.
  • It is preferable that claims are made throughout the year instead of all at once at the end of the year.
  • Claims must be submitted during the academic year to which they relate.

After Spending

  • Complete the JCR Online Expenses form with accompanying receipts and invoices.
  • Provided that the expenditure can be met within the club/society's budget and valid receipts/invoices are presented, the JCR Treasurer will approve the reimbursement request, followed by the Junior Treasurer.
  • Once your request has been approved by both the JCR Treasurer and the Junior Treasurer, the Bursary will pay the reimbursement into your bank account (usually within a three-day period.)

Guidelines on receipts and invoices

  • All requests for reimbursements must include a receipt or invoice. Invoices must follow HMRC guidance.
  • Screenshots are not considered formal receipts or invoices.
  • Text messages or emails discussing the possible fees are not invoices or receipts.
  • Receipts must be: a clear imageitemised (credit card slips will be rejected).
  • All receipts and invoices must match the reimbursement value inputted into the form or the request will be rejected.

Further Information

Society Bank Accounts

  • Clubs/societies may keep bank accounts, on the condition that they have a Fellow of the College as a listed signatory on the account, who will be able to oversee a hand-over from one committee to the next.
  • DCAC will not fund society bank accounts directly. Therefore, clubs/societies with their own bank accounts will still be reimbursed using the JCR Online Expenses form.

Society Sponsorship

If your club/society wishes to receive sponsorship, before entering into any legal agreements you must contact the JCR Treasurer. In addition, the following two guidelines must also be met:

  1. the signatory must have the legal authority to sign a sponsorship agreement
  2. all funds must be remitted and banked before merchandise, kits, etc are ordered (i.e. the money must be “up-front”)