Welfare Team

Welfare is a very broad concept that covers areas from physical and mental health to financial and academic worries. We are here to support you during your time at Downing, and guide you in the right direction when you come to us for advice. We also organise loads of fun events during term time.

Welfare and Equal Opportunities Officers:

Mateo Austin and Priya Edwards - welfare@jcr.dow.cam.ac.uk

LGBT+ Officers:

Jay Chiswick and Saachi Sennik - lgbt@jcr.dow.cam.ac.uk

Women’s Officers:

Zoe Matt-Williams and Bry Sheridan - womens-officer@jcr.dow.cam.ac.uk

Black and Ethnic Minorities Officers:

Shaan Mann and Jai Shende - bme@jcr.dow.cam.ac.uk

Disabilities Officer:

April Jakso - disabilities@jcr.dow.cam.ac.uk

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