Academic Societies

Austyn Mair Engineering Society

Contact: Dhiren Mistry (dm529)

Blake Society

The Blake Society is Downing's Humanities Society. Blake puts on lectures, discussions, wine tastings, potery making, poetry reading, sketch sessions and a variety of social occasions across the academic year.

We provide a meeting place for all students with an interest in the humanities, whatever their nominal subject of study. Highlights of last year’s calendar included poetry readings at the Master’s Lodge, lectures on historical feminists in the Music Room and our annual black-tie dinner with the society’s patron, and perhaps Downing’s most notable alumnus, Quentin Blake.

Lati Gutta (lmg55)

Brammer Geographical Society

The Brammer Society is run by the Downing Geographers and provides dinners, speakers, and social events throughout the year. Speakers Events occur a couple of times a term and are open to all. The Geography Department has academics from a wide range of disciplines and talks may be relevant to Historians, Economists, HSPS students, and Earth scientists – we’d love to see you there!

Ruby Stringer (rs778)
Laura Gledhill (lag43)

Cranworth Law Society

The Cranworth Society is the largest student-run college law society in Cambridge. All undergraduates studying Law are automatically members, although we welcome any non-law students who are considering converting to law at any point. Such students should contact the society to become a member, free of charge.

The society is active throughout the year by maintaining a close relationship with the society and firms of solicitors and chambers, organising social events for students and arranging for guest speakers to talk to the society. Past speakers have included Lord Walker, and several barristers and solicitors. Highlights of the year include a sponsored day trip to London, our annual moot against Magdalene, fancy dress end-of-term private formals and the Cranworth Annual Dinner to which many distinguished academics, barristers, solicitors and judges are invited. This year, our guest speaker was Lord Dyson and past guest speakers have included Baroness Hale and Lizzie Cooke.

Colette Watt (cw670)
Aakash Mohindra (asvkm2)

Danby Society

This is the society for anyone studying Natural Sciences, Computer Science, Mathematics or Engineering.

We organise all sorts of events throughout the year including talks and social events. We arrange about two talks per term on interesting topics, which are a great way to learn about new, exciting and diverse things not necessarily directly related to your subject.

We also have loads of social events for you to meet other scientists and just have fun. So look out for all the Danby dinners, quizzes, garden party and more throughout the year.

Brandon Lee (bl435)

Maitland Historical Society

The Maitland Society is open to all, holding free talks from historians on a variety of topics. Over the past few years we have hosted a number of eminent historians, including Richard Rex, Amy Erickson and John Hatcher, addressing subjects ranging from female entrepreneurs and medicine to witchcraft.

There's free wine before the talks, and an optional Formal Hall dinner afterwards where the lecturers are more than happy to answer any questions you may have. There is also a day long field trip per year, and an annual fancy dress dinner which is always great fun.

The society is an easy way to have a night off work while still learning things you never knew before. The talks are always insightful, often entertaining and can be useful for many other subjects apart from just history, such as Law, Theology, Geography and Economics.

Talks are usually held in E staircase on a Tuesday evening and last for approximately an hour, so it’s still in college and easy to get to.

Our 2017-18 guests will include Gary Gerstle, Ulinka Rublack, Paul Warde and Bronwen Everill.

Deborah Herzberg (deeh2)

Mathias Society

The Mathias Society is for those studying Economics and Land Economy at Downing College, you do not need to join as you will automatically become a member.

We meet throughout the year, with guest speakers on a wide range of topics. There are frequent socials, including beginning and end of term curries. The highlight of the year is the Mathias Dinner in February, which is attended by former students and the former Master of Downing, Peter Mathias.

Hugh Chatfield (hac47)

Whitby Medical Society

Whitby is Downing’s Medical and Veterinary Medical Society, in which incoming MVST students are automatically enrolled.

We hold various talks and social evenings throughout the year, including our freshers’ cocktails, which are a great excuse to come and meet older students and supervisors before term starts in full swing.

We also have regular clinical conundrums at which students can approach a presented clinical problem using their knowledge gained to date.

The year ends with a bang as we have our handover dinner and garden party in Easter term: both of which are fun events for students and supervisors, and allow undergrads to catch up with clinical students they may not see frequently throughout the year.

Ryta Kamarova (mk776)