Ents Account

Invoices to be paid by bank transfer from the ents account

- Please fill out the ents account payment form, putting the account for the invoice to be transferred to in the account details section

- Place this, and the invoice, in the JCR Treasurer’s pidge

- This needs to be done at least 7 working days before the invoice has to be paid, to allow time for the required college staff to sign off on things

Other Purchases (e.g. wine orders etc)

- Please fill out the ​ents account payment form, entering your own bank account in account details

- Place this, and a screenshot of the shopping trolley (to show the prices etc of the item to be bought) in the JCR Treasurer’s pidge

- The JCR Treasurer will get this signed off by college staff, then the money will be transferred to you

- You will buy the item

- Finally please submit receipts/proof of purchase of these items no later than 1 week after the event has occurred


- If there are multiple receipts/attachments for the payment form, please number each page and write the corresponding number on the form itself next to the item it applies to - this will make things much MUCH easier for the treasurer to check